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Windows 7 EOL

January 14th 2020 is a big day for those still running windows 7 that is the day Microsoft will discontinue windows 7 security updates

most common questions
1) Will my computer still work?
answer yes it will continue to work but you will be at greater risk from malware and other viruses and eventually if you do online banking your bank will block logins from your current OS
2) How do I know if I have windows 7
Answer if you have the my computer Icon on your desktop right click and chose Properties if it is not on the desktop click on the start menue find the my computer Icon there and then right click
3) What should I do if I do have windows 7
Answer best thing to do is to backup all your data to an external drive or network location recommend external HDD that is in the range of 1TB as most will not have another network location to backup to
After backing up your data you can get a copy of windows 10 from Microsoft and if you wish not to pay and do an in-place up grade you may download the update assistant or download the media creation tool if you have more than one computer and make a bootable usb flash drive
word is in place upgrades are still free for the time being

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